Tesla Will Entertain Drivers With Netflix & YouTube Service

Pablo Tucker
August 1, 2019

Cars with this feature can automatically navigate through a parking lot, find an available parking space and then come back to you when summoned.

Elon Musk has been hyping about the possibility of in-car displays for Tesla auto drivers since the vehicles are only capable of providing information but not entertainment.

As with Tesla's growing collection of video games, these are games intended for down time in the vehicle. During the E3 event last June, Bethesda announced that Tesla drivers would be able to play "Fallout Shelter" on their vehicles. These games, however, only operates when the vehicle is parked, and players can utilize the steering wheel as the game controller. Though this may seem like a slightly risky distraction, Musk further tweet that the feature will be enabled once "full self-driving is approved by regulators".

The company has already begun rolling out Chess and Beach Buggy Racing in the Telsa Arcade, while Mr Musk has indicated that Minecraft and Roblox are "high priority" additions it is working on in the future. So I suspect that YouTube will be coming sooner than the Netflix feature.

Tesla's drive to provide passengers and drivers with video streaming sites and services is not actually a surprise.

"Tesla drivers have logged more than one billion miles with Autopilot engaged, and our data shows that, when used properly by an attentive driver who is prepared to take control at all times, drivers supported by Autopilot are safer than those operating without assistance", said Tesla in a statement.

There's no doubt that Tesla's tablet-style infotainment display will provide a terrific platform for streaming movies and watching videos.

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