OnePlus TV is now official, launch expected soon

Carla Harmon
August 14, 2019

While nothing much has been officially announced since then, OnePlus has finally unveiled the name of its first TV and it will be called the "OnePlus TV".

OnePlus took to its Community Forum to confirm the branding of its upcoming smart TV lineup, saying that it's simple yet to the point. OnePlus CEO Pete Lau made several appearances in media interviews previous year to talk about the TV's capabilities. According to the company, the OnePlus TV logo is said to be inspired from classic geometric progression, which also is inspired by several ancient symbols including - a Hindu symbol, the mandala and the famous Greek temple Heraion of Argos. While specifications remain a mystery, a report suggests that the OnePlus TV would come with Jio streaming apps when launched in India.

OnePlus had kept a "You Name It" contest for the television name earlier. A dedicated team was also established to kick off the TV development, which is indeed something new for the company that is popular for launching only flagship smartphones. "The company will continue to evolve the OnePlus TV, as well as the brand's other mobile devices, to develop innovations that make sense for its users to always create the best experience possible", noted the press note.

"Honestly, it was harder than you could imagine during the naming process as we have seen so many creative names which made it a difficult decision", the company wrote in the post. The new OnePlus TV logo is also said to be denoting aesthetics of symmetry and unity, for which the company has utilized the same thickness for both logo and letters. There is the numeric one with the "+" sign, which is the company's native logo, alongside the word "TV".

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