Mophie’s AirPower-style wireless charging pads will actually go on sale

Yolanda Curtis
August 11, 2019

Visually, both appear to be "AirPower clones", except that the pads are black and a bit thicker.

It only lets you charge one each of iPhone, AirPods and Apple Watch simultaneously, though AirPower was to allow you to top up any combination of the devices.

From wirelessly charging three devices at once to charging your phone while you drive, we've got the wireless chargers you're looking for.

Announced today, and available in a dual or 3-in-1 configuration the new wireless charging pads are available at Apple, Apple Stores and Mophie for $79.95 and $139.95.

AirPower, if the disastrous wireless pad passed you by, was Apple's concept for an incredibly flexible Qi charger.

Mophie on Friday announced the 3-in-1 wireless charging pad that can wirelessly power AirPods, an Apple Watch and an iPhone at the same time. They have support for two and three devices charging wirelessly, respectively, but on dedicated charging spots. It was supposed to charge an iPhone, AirPods and the Apple Watch at the same time.

Then there's the question of price -these devices aren't necessarily cheap. Mophie suggests the Watch stand is at an ideal angle for Nightstand Mode.

The dual wireless charging pad comes in at $80, while the 3-in-1 wireless charging pad is available for $140. A cavity helps keep the AirPods case in place.

And for people who might not have a full trio of Apple devices, Mophie also made a £100 Dual Wireless Charging Pad that can hold two devices, and features an extra USB-A port for charging one additional device using a normal charging cable. If you own a Qi-compatible device, you'll want a wireless charger that meets your needs, so we rounded up four of our favorites.

Also, the Dual USB Car Charger ($29.95, seen above). They'll be available in some Apple stores and from Mophie's website next week. The first includes a single 18W PD charging port to fast charge your iPhone and the second includes an 18W PD fast charging USB C port as well as a standard 12W USB A port.

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