How Mixer subscriptions and Mixer Pro work

Yolanda Curtis
August 12, 2019

Also intriguing is whether Ninja can hit the heights he did during his stay on Twitch.

Ninja has jumped from Twitch to Mixer, as Microsoft continues investment into its streaming competitor. The fears that Ninja's audience on Mixer would be much less than on Amazon's larger streaming platform were quite real for the past week, however, the streamer once again has demonstrated his popularity, gathering one million subscribers in five days. Many have speculated that Ninja was probably paid by Microsoft to go to Mixer and it looks like that deal has paid off since the streamer now has a million subscribers. Still, Users are following Blevins on Mixer.

Blevins, a "Fortnite" star, is one of the biggest names in gaming, and he was far and away the most-watched streamer on Twitch a year ago.

They are correct at some point because the figure of viewers says lots of difference.

However, the real test will come once a free promotion now running on Mixer ends, which provides users with extras such as no advertising for a limited time. Mixer (3 percent) also competes with YouTube Live (19.5 percent) and Facebook Gaming (5.3 percent).

A channel was able to stream pornography on the platform for hours before it was taken care of, and to make matters worse it was advertised on Ninja's old page on the site.

If Ninja Blevins is going with that speed than he breaking his own records. Typically, a subscription on Mixer runs $5.99 per month - $1 more than the $4.99 Twitch charges for subscriptions. After the promotion expires, fans will be forced to pay a monthly fee if they wish to be subscribed to Ninja.

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