Gaming streamer Ninja celebrates one million subscribers on Mixer

Yolanda Curtis
August 11, 2019

Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Ninja has no doubt pulled over a massive part of his audience to Microsoft's new streaming platform.

Blevins' deal with Mixer, terms of which were not disclosed, comes with a limited-time free subscription to his streaming channel, which in addition to his enormous popularity, is likely boosting the numbers in these early days. This is such a big impact on online game streaming. Especially when considering how many paid subscribers Ninja had on Twitch's platform and his projected monthly donations. Paid subscriptions are normally $US6, and broadcasters receive a portion of the revenue.

Getting a creator like Ninja onboard makes a lot of sense for the up-and-coming platform, but we think it will need quite a few more big names to join in order to maintain the momentum that Ninja has started. And those aren't all paying customers, mind you; Microsoft has been giving away free subscriptions to Ninja's Mixer channel since last Friday, and will continue doing so until the end of September. We'll see how well Ninja fares on Mixer, along with who will fill the gap he left behind on Twitch, soon enough. Ultimately, this is exactly what Microsoft would of wanted when striking this deal.

Can one gamer's fan base spur an entire platform to success? Mixer (3 percent) also competes with YouTube Live (19.5 percent) and Facebook Gaming (5.3 percent).

Mixer shares numerous same features as its competition, but Ninja is the first major talent to prioritise the platform.

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