Antonio Brown’s Legal Team Sends New Threat To The NFL

Carla Harmon
August 12, 2019

This season, the types of helmets preferred by Brady, Oakland Raiders receiver Antonio Brown and numerous other NFL players aged out and no longer meet the league's safety standards.

Over the weekend, it was reported by The Athletic that during his grievance hearing regarding the now un-approved helmet, Brown's legal team told the league that if Brown "suffered a head injury in a helmet that he is compelled to wear, he would hold the league liable".

According to's Mike Silver, "helmet can not be re-certified because it is more than 10 years". The entire goal is to ensure that players have the safest possible equipment while playing.

The specific helmet Brown wants to wear, is over 10 years old. "And I hated to put it on the shelf, but that was what they said to do". "And I think at that point, though, the liability will be dramatic". Brown would be required, through his own testimony (which would be subject to rigorous cross examination) and the testimony of qualified experts, to show that the only reason the injury happened was because he was required to wear one of the helmets approved by the National Football League and the NFLPA and was prevented from wearing his outdated helmet of choice. "As much as I loved that helmet, I knew some things were out of my control and that was one of them".

The NFL reports also suggested that any player using the banned helmets would open himself for a disciplinary action. Asked in a press conference about Brown rejoining the Raiders in the next week, he replied: "Man, I hope so". The absence, though not fully clear, is bound have some reference to the new helmet rule. He enjoyed a good season in 2018 with with 104 receptions for 1,297, and a career-high 15 touchdown, before being drafted into the Raiders' side in 2019.

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