Woman delivers their baby after fertility center embryo swap: Couple

Cheryl Sanders
July 12, 2019

Anni and Ashot Manukyan, of Glendale, are suing Los Angeles CHA Fertility Center after the clinic placed two embryos - one belonging to them and one to another couple - into a woman from NY.

The California lawsuit alleges negligence and emotional distress, as well as claiming CHA Fertility broke a state law preventing the use of embryos for any objective other than that consented to by the provider.

The Manukyans, of Glendale, California, are now suing Los Angeles CHA Fertility Center after the clinic placed two embryos - one belonging to them and one to another couple - into the woman from NY.

The Manukyans said they were thankful to the NY woman who gave birth to their son. They were then forced to give the babies up to their biological parents.

"What Anni and Ashot discovered, much to their horror, was that their son had been stolen from them when he was still an embryo and implanted into a stranger that later became his birth mother", claims the suit filed Wednesday in Los Angeles County Superior Court.

They are now suing the fertility centre along with Anni and Ashot Manukyan, one of the other couples embroiled in the debacle, news.com.au reports.

The Manukyans, who were married in 2007, said that in March 2011, an embryo transfer had resulted in the birth of their daughter.

"We relied on CHA to help us build a family and, instead, they robbed us of the opportunity to bring our own son into this world", Anni Manukyan said in a written statement.

The CHA Fertility Center could not be reached for comment. It is unclear who the second baby's parents are.

The couple then had to fight in the courts to reclaim their child, after the birth couple gave him up.

"During those weeks of uncertainty, Anni and Ashot had zero assurance that they would ever even be able to meet their child".

On Wednesday, the Glendale couple announced a lawsuit to "recover their losses and to sue for emotional distress inflicted in what is one of the worst embryo-related tragedies in US history", the news release read.

But Mr. Wolf said there is hardly any oversight of fertility clinics, and he called for more regulation.

"She said, 'Think of it as a good thing".

The Korean American couple, also a client of CHA, were told they had conceived twins, but the tragic mix-up became clear when the woman gave birth to two children of another ethnicity.

It's reasonable, he said, for couples to ask prospective clinics - though maybe not on the first visit - about their processes for ensuring the correct sperm and egg are put together, and for making sure the correct embryo is identified before it's placed in the uterus.

A California couple has filed a lawsuit over what has been described as one of the worst IVF mix-ups, that led to another woman giving birth to their son.

Anni Manukyan, from California, complained in court papers she had another couple's embryo inserted into her in August 2018. "This is something that they will live with for the rest of their lives", the lawsuit said. Anni said through tears at a press conference in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

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