Suspected carjacker dies after 'mob justice' in Philadelphia

Cheryl Sanders
July 14, 2019

The Hyundai hit blocked traffic at a nearby intersection, which gave the kids' father enough time to come out of the pizza place and rush on foot towards them.

The suspect, 54, was then pulled out of the vehicle and beaten by the boyfriend and some local residents, police say. ABC 6 Philadelphia noted that the mother could potentially face charges for leaving her kids in a running vehicle.

At the same time, a 54-year-old man was outside and saw the woman leave the auto with the engine running.

"They were able to pull this auto thief out of the vehicle". She left the auto running as she went in to speak to the dad, and that's when a 54-year-old, apparent career criminal, identified by police as Eric Hood, stole the vehicle, speeding off with the kids inside. "And the boyfriend caught up to him and there was some sort of physical struggle that ensued", Mr Small said.

It is not known how many individuals were involved or if the father of the children joined in on the assault with them. The father ran after the vehicle and caught up to it after it got stuck in traffic only a block away from where it was stolen.

Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small, (pictured), said that the vehicle thief fled on foot.

'The male assaulted the father and fled, but was stopped by a large crowd who physically assaulted him.

The man was taken to hospital with severe head and facial injuries.

The mother and father were taken in for questioning and were said to be cooperating with police.

"I'm not a fan of street justice", Philadelphia Police Capt Jason Smith was quoted as saying by CBS.

The city's medical examiner's office is yet to determine how the suspected carjacker died.

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