Spanish court rules Julio Iglesias is father of 43-year old man

Carla Harmon
July 11, 2019

A Spanish judge has ruled that there is sufficient evidence to determine that a 43-year-old Spanish man is the biological son of Julio Iglesias, despite the singer's refusal to submit to genetic testing.

Although the judge refused to admit DNA evidence which triggered the latest case - dismissing it because it had been surreptitiously obtained - he commented on Mr Santos's looks and added that the court "declares that Julio Iglesias is his biological father".

The judge in Valencia said his ruling was based on the "significant" physical resemblance between the two men and the testimony from Maria Edite Santos.

The judge said Santos had credibly proved she had a week-long affair with the "To All the Girls I've Loved Before" singer nine months before her son's birth, BBC News reported.

Iglesias' lawyer, Fernando Falomir, said the singer would appeal the ruling by the local court in Valencia. He has eight other children. The subsequent test and comparison with Javier's DNA showed that the pair were brothers.

But he ruled that Edite had provided "very concrete" information about the location and description of the chalet where Iglesias was staying when she says she had an affair with the singer.

On Wednesday (10.07.19), a judge ruled that the 75-year-old music icon is the dad of Javier Sánchez, who was conceived during a brief fling in 1975 between Julio and Portuguese former ballerina Maria Edite.

Iglesias is known for his romantic ballads and a prolific love life that has always been fodder for tabloid headlines. Three were born out of his marriage to Isabel Preysler and five with his wife Miranda Rijnsburger.

The detective managed to get hold of a water bottle that the singer's son Julio Iglesias Jr was drinking from when he was surfing in Miami.

"Don't ask me how many brothers I have", his son Julio Jr said in 2018 on television.

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