Shoelace is Google’s latest attempt at making a social network that sticks

Yolanda Curtis
July 13, 2019

Shoelace focuses on current relationships between is geared towards meeting new people and growing your social circle.

So, while Google+ tried and failed to go toe-to-toe with the likes of Facebook and Twitter, Google is now thinking that it might be able to find success by taking a more niche approach to social networking. In short, Shoelace looks like a social network that encourages people to spend less time on their phones, and more time doing something, anything in real life. Shoelace is being developed by Google's Area 120 team, which specializes in experimental projects - not all of which see the light of day.

Without much fanfare, the search giant just launched Shoelace - an app created to help people with similar interests meet up in the real world. Shoelace is a hyperlocal app for organizing events and activities, called "Loops", which makes it similar to Facebook Events.

Shoelace, which uses the tagline "Supercharge your social life", isn't focused on posting photos, videos and updates; instead, it's created to connect people with shared interests through in-person activities, making it ideal for those who've just moved to new cities. "We do so through activities - which are fittingly called 'Loops'".

Just think of all the fun you could be having.

As per the Shoelace's official website, it is only available in New York City right now. Share your views with us in the comment box below.

If you're not part of the select few to be invited to the social media site, you can fill out a request to bring it to your area. The app is now available on devices running Android 8.0 and newer or iOS 11 and newer, but you can only get a download link by requesting an invite (and subsequently being approved) through Google.

Now you all might be wondering, what's the reason behind the name "Shoelace"?

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