Nintendo’s New Puzzle Game ‘Dr Mario World’ Launches on Android, iOS

Yolanda Curtis
July 11, 2019

Like the original game, the goal is to simply use capsules to get rid of viruses on the screen.

So, if you don't mind all of that business, then Dr. Mario World might be worth checking out. Although, we're not sure if Mario and the gang are fully licensed, anyway. Dr. Mario World will be accessible for Android and iOS gadgets through the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Shortly after Nintendo announced that Dr. Mario World would launch on iOS and Android on, Wednesday, July 10th, the mobile puzzle game suddenly went live on the iOS App Store a day early. More than 200 stages across various worlds will be available at launch, with new doctors, assistants, stages and worlds continuing to be added to Dr. Mario World after launch. Overall, Dr. Mario World is worth a try and something that will definitely take players to their childhood lane.

We had some early hands-on time with Dr. Mario World and was happy with the simplistic, puzzle gameplay but it suffers from the mobile free-to-play model. The design does make more sense for smartphones, especially given that Nintendo appears to have designed the game to be played with one hand.

You're not in this alone-send and receive stamina-giving hearts to use in stage mode!

Tapping on the pill rotates it 90 degrees each time, allowing you to change the rotation before placing it. Dr Mario can also rotate the capsules once they've been released as well, so don't worry if you mess up the direction you want it at the start. Each doctor has their own unique skill.

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