Google's Pixel 4 Flagship Is Looking Good In These Latest Renders

Yolanda Curtis
July 21, 2019

Could this mean that Google is switching things up and abandoning the regular dual-tone design synonymous to its Pixel flagships? OnLeaks says that the Google Pixel 4 should have at least 2 cameras, and may possibly even have 3.

There's also a chance that this is the Pixel 4 XL, and that the renders we've recently seen are of the Pixel 4. Officially confirming the Pixel 4, Google releases a sneak peek - more like a "leak" though.

Several image renders have been published already but they are merely concepts from designers and our favorite tech leaksters.

Square camera bumps are shaping up to be one of the biggest smartphone trends of 2019. Save for the updated layouts of the rear cameras on each of the three new phones, the 2019 iPhone models aren't expected to see any major design changes.

Google Pixel 4 live images could be an early prototype.

The tech giant appears to be testing the waters with a new strategy: leak on its own. We don't know how wide or deep it is but we hope Google has learned its lesson with regards to the ridiculous notch of the Pixel 3 XL. No doubt. And yes, it will have a square camera module.

The image tells us the Pixel 4 will look a lot different from the Pixel 3 series. Google managed in the past couple of years to surprise people with new and innovative technology. Well, not exactly because the Huawei Mate 20 Pro has already used such design.

According to the render, the Pixel 4 seems to have two rear cameras, a flash, and what looks like it's probably a laser autofocus. The G logo is still on the back. By showing us the back of the phone months before it's revealed, it's taking the emphasis off aesthetics as the most important part of its new phone and putting the focus on what it can do.

The reasoning behind the large camera bump isn't hard to fathom: Cameras are a huge selling point for phones, and as they get bigger and more advanced, it's getting harder to squeeze them into the back of the phone without a bump for some extra space.

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