Dragon Quest IX: The Arrival of a Remake on Switch Is Possible

Yolanda Curtis
July 13, 2019

It revolves around the Children of Hargon, who want all Builders eliminated.

All in all, I've found Dragon Quest Builders 2 to be an absolute blast, and I've had a hard time putting it down just to write this review. This isn't as bad as the issues in the first game, but still noticeable. Right down to the blocky look, those that have played Mojang's building title will feel right at home with Dragon Quest Builders 2.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 is finally here, offering players a unique Minecraft-like experience like no other.

As with the first game, Dragon Quest Builders 2 once again puts you in the shoes of a builder, an individual who has the uncanny ability to build stuff.

After that, you can play with your friends to your heart's content.

Regardless if you've plunged over hundreds of hours in the original Dragon Quest Builders, or if this is your first time stepping into the series, you'll be bound to be satisfied with Dragon Quest Builders 2's charming gameplay, expansive world, brand new co-op feature, and of course, all the endless building possibilities. Build blocks and stairs to take you there, or better yet, pull the rocks or dirt out from the cliff face and arrange them into crude staircases.

This is one of the biggest changes from the first game. You end up building things to help you move forward in the story, rather than just mindlessly building things. This loop made most of your efforts feel futile.

Make sure you harvest or craft plenty of building blocks and carry them with you, as you can use these to build new paths and steps to create shortcuts in Dragon Quest Builders 2. True, you're a builder and not a fighter and as such you deal a rather meagre amount of damage with your weapons. For one, Malroth accompanies you throughout most of the game, and his main objective is to attack enemies. The two of you team up to try and survive on this deserted island together.

There are many islands to explore and each will have new builds, tasks, and residents willing to help you out if needed.

The first Dragon Quest Builders initially gave the impression that it was a Minecraft clone or another spin on the Sandbox Open World genre. There are some RPG elements involved in the game, such as levelling up. There are also times when you might be joined by another NPC depending on the mission.

Games like Minecraft have a certain appeal to those who are inclined to get creative and make something interesting within the game they play, but this can often get repetitive and boring.

Combat is a fairly simple affair, and you can upgrade your weapons frequently using the games crafting system.

Once you start bringing people back to your island, you begin unlocking other smaller islands which become your main resources for materials.

In Dragon Question Builders 2, each character does their own thing, and contributes to a larger cause - building a town - in a way that is relevant to their character. Hit X to switch to the map, which gives you a much wider view of your location, and has handy icons to highlight points of interest you should visit as well as any current mission markers. The story does a great job of piecing out projects for you to tackle, getting players accustomed to the building mechanics but also doing so at a fast enough pace that it won't bore returning players. It's not flawless but it is fun, and sometimes that is all that matters.

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