Brazil president mulls making son envoy to US

Cheryl Sanders
July 13, 2019

Since the president confirmed the possibility of the nomination on Thursday, he has been criticized both for the appearance of nepotism and for his son's inexperience in diplomacy to occupy what is regarded as one of the most complex positions in Brazil's diplomatic service.

Eduardo Bolsonaro, now a federal congressman, told reporters separately he would accept the role if nominated.

"My son Eduardo speaks English, speaks Spanish ... is friends with the children of President Donald Trump", he said, adding that Eduardo would have to decide whether he wanted the post. Senate opposition leader Randolfe Rodrigues tweeted: "It's absurd that he's even being considered".

Eduardo Bolsonaro has been dubbed Brazil's "shadow worldwide minister" at the Brazilian global ministry attributable to the stable influence he has on his father's global policy suggestions, BBC Americas editor Candace Piette experiences.

"Bolsonaro wants to govern in his backyard, extending [the government] to his family". "This is a complete mess".

Eduardo Bolsonaro said he would be willing to leave Congress to take the position of Ambassador to the US.

A 2008 Supreme Court decision prohibits Brazilian authorities from nominating close family members to official posts, but the ruling was vague and Bolsonaro's allies argue it doesn't apply in this case.

During the Brazilian leader's White House visit in March, Trump heaped praise on Eduardo Bolsonaro, who sat by his father during an Oval Office chat while Brazil's foreign minister and ambassador in Washington were nowhere to be seen.

When asked by reporters about his qualifications for the position, he said he had been in a foreign exchange programme where he "fried hamburgers in the United States, in the cold in Maine". There's a long list of other foreign policy issues in Washington.

The set of ambassador has been vacant since April.

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