400,000 people have joined a Facebook event pledging to raid Area 51

Cheryl Sanders
July 13, 2019

It is unclear if the event is a joke. Almost 400,000 have pledged to find out.

The event, titled "Storm Area 51, They Can't Stop All of Us", is inviting users from around the world to join a "Naruto run" - a Japanese manga-inspired running style featuring arms outstretched backwards and heads forward - into the area.

"We will all meet up at the Area 51 Alien Center tourist attraction and coordinate our entry", the detail of the event reads.

CNN reports while the event may be a joke, it comes just weeks after a group of us senators in Washington met behind closed doors to get debriefed on members of the military who say they have seen UFOs.

"Naruto run" refers to the main character in the eponymous Naruto anime, as seen below.

As of Friday afternoon, more than 466,000 people had signed up.

DailyMail.com has reached out to NTTR officials about whether the event is being taken seriously.

But for UFO conspiracy buffs, Area 51 is where the government has safeguarded evidence of extraterrestrial life with the remains dead aliens packed on ice and the wreckage of crashed flying saucers stored in secure hangars.

The CIA chose the area in 1955 for the secret Lockheed U-2, a high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft.

What takes place inside the heavy-duty fence at Area 51 has remained a mystery to anyone without high-level security clearance, save for a few photos taken illegally by curious conspiracy theorists. The 5,000-square-mile desert site has been in operation for more than 60 years and officially fronted as part of the Nevada Test and Training Range (NTTR), affiliated with the Nellis Air Force Base in Las Vegas Valley, though only recently did the government intelligence recognize Area 51's existence.

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