Trump says he's sending 1000 more US troops to ally Poland

Cheryl Sanders
June 13, 2019

Addressing reporters in the White House Rose Garden after a day of meetings, Trump announced a memorandum of military co-operation, saying, "As the declaration makes very clear, the United States and Poland are not only bound by a strategic partnership but deep common values, shared goals and a very strong and abiding friendship".

"There would be no additional troops to Europe".

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway declined to comment on the record in advance of the two presidents' meeting, but USA officials previewed action to the Associated Press on Tuesday evening.

President Trump on Wednesday said the USA and Poland are discussing sending roughly 2,000 US troops from Germany or elsewhere to Poland, and Poland is considering allowing the have a military base in Poland.

US officials said earlier this week that Trump, in addition to the additional troops, would send a squadron of Reaper drones to Poland to aid its self-defense amid concerns about Russian military activity.

There are now around 4,000 USA troops in Poland on a rotational basis. The additional USA troops will be stationed at various Polish bases in the country.

Officials said Tuesday that the preliminary agreement avoids any permanent USA base or presence in the country and sticks instead to a rotational force.

He said later that the US and Poland had "put together a strong security cooperation package".

President Trump said America was "very interested" in the idea, but was reluctant to commit to a permanent facility - something that would likely prompt a response by Russian Federation.

The base may be called Fort Trump, President Duda quipped during his visit to the White House on Wednesday.

The military base Poland has pledged to build for the USA could still be named "Fort Trump," but that is up to the Poles to decide, President Donald Trump said Wednesday.

Following the Russian annexation of Ukraine's Crimean Peninsula in 2014, the USA has again been increasing military activity in Europe in concert with North Atlantic Treaty Organisation allies. Eastern European nations have reached out to the US and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation for greater protection, worrying that they might be the next target of Russia's military advance.

The increase in US forces in that region also reflects America's new national defense strategy that declares great-power competition with China and Russian Federation as a top priority.

Also on Tuesday, senior officials touted a "significant announcement" around the Polish president's visit related to the future security partnership and defense relationship between the US and Poland, but officials declined to go into detail.

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