Orion is Bethesda's new software that will make streaming better

Yolanda Curtis
June 10, 2019

The cloud gaming market is quickly filling out with competing platforms and technologies and Bethesda isn't staying on the sidelines.

Newly announced technology known as "Orion" will optimize game engines for faster streaming, as revealed at Bethesda's E3 Press Conference on Sunday evening.

So to be clear, Orion isn't Bethesda's own game streaming service. It focuses on game engines rather than hardware, which allows for streaming up to 20% faster with 40% lower bandwidth if games support it.

On stage, Bethesda demonstrated Doom streaming to a phone, and claimed there was no "perceptible latency", though that's obviously not a claim we'll just take at face value.

I mean, you'd sort of hope that game developers and publishers would be working on tech like this to make their games more playable over a stream, but it's reassuring to see it in action nonetheless. The company also said that the reduction in bandwidth cost will mean that users will be able to play games at max settings regardless of distance from data centers or data caps.

Orion is a solution for the coming generation of games, which is looking to be The Era Of The Stream. Orion isn't a streaming service itself, but it is software to help further improve existing streaming services.

Bethesda also announced during the press conference that players can sign up to try the technology for free through Doom's slayerclub.com website.

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