Indian-Origin Brexiteer, Expected To Run For PM, Backs Boris Johnson

Cheryl Sanders
June 10, 2019

The Times also reported on Sunday that cross-party MPs - including Conservatives - are plotting to take control of the House of Commons if a Brexiteer becomes prime minister, and are said to be looking into parliamentary processes to stop the United Kingdom leaving the European Union on World Trade Organization (WTO) terms on October 31st.

Conservative MPs who want to replace her must have the backing of eight other party colleagues to officially enter the contest.

"What a wise prime minister will do is take decisions on the basis of the choices they have in front of them", Hunt told Sky News.

Britain is seeking a new leader after Mrs Theresa May announced she would resign, having failed to deliver Brexit on schedule in March and having seen her authority over a divided Parliament evaporate after three heavy defeats in votes to approve her exit deal.

"I will be giving personal direction to the negotiations but we will also have a very strong and ministerially led negotiating team".

In an interview with The Times, Ms McVey said that she would use "every tool" at her disposal as prime minister to ensure that the United Kingdom leaves the bloc without a deal, not ruling out any options including proroguing (suspending) parliament in an attempt to stop Remainer MPs from trying to thwart the delivery of Brexit, with Ms McVey having previously said she would have a Brexiteer-only Cabinet until the vote to leave was delivered.

Pakistani-origin Sajid Javid is using his position as United Kingdom home secretary to pledge an improved visa offering for overseas students from countries like India after Brexit. "We are ready to work once again for an orderly Brexit".

However, Ms Rudd, leader of the centrist One Nation Conservative Caucus group and an influential voice on the Remain-supporting wing of the party, told the Times: "These are serious times and we need a respected statesman who Brussels will listen to, not more bluster".

By contrast, another leading candidate, Environment Secretary Michael Gove, spent the weekend apologising after revealing he had taken cocaine on several occasions two decades ago.

And at his campaign launch later on Monday, Mr Gove is expected to insist he is "undaunted" by criticism, and will say he can both deliver Brexit and "stop Jeremy Corbyn ever getting the keys to Downing Street".

After nominations close on Monday evening, all 313 Conservative lawmakers will vote for their preferred candidate in a series of ballots held on June 13, 18, 19 and 20 to narrow down the contenders one by one until only two are left.

Brussels is to warn firms that they can not expect any more help to cushion the impact of the UK's departure on Halloween and should use the next few months to brace themselves.

Conveniently, Johnson's announcement to drastically cut taxes for MPs comes on the first official day of the Conservative Leadership election in which he needs the support of his own MPs to win. The final two will be put to a postal vote among the 160,000 Conservative Party members in the country.

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