First Look At Marvel's The Avengers Project Coming Tomorrow At E3 2019

Yolanda Curtis
June 10, 2019

Marvel's Avengers is carrying the superhero hype over from the Avengers: Endgame bandwagon and it is definitely one of the most anticipated titles of this year's E3.

An Amazon listing for an untitled Square Enix game popped up, but it has since been removed. But the absence of Final Fantasy VII was so jarring, especially since The Quiet Man was shown off instead.

Let us know what you think about Marvel's Avengers, will it be a first-person or third-person game? We'll also likely see an update on Crystal Chronicles HD remaster. But it is expected that the game will release next year. The Avengers Project will give us the opportunity to take command and save the universe from evil. In this Action RPG you play as a Watcher, someone who walks between the realm of the living and the dead, whose job it is to find those who haven't moved on into the afterlife and guide them through. While no release date is present, the inclusion of the platforms tells us more than it appears.

Kingdom Hearts III was one of the big releases of this year and after talks of DLC coming now would be the ideal time to announce it.

Is there any DLC in here?

Now, filling the prime Monday night slot left vacant by Sony, the Square E3 2019 press conference looks like it should be a triumphant return. After the initial teaser, we haven't heard much about the game.

Of course, we won't know if Square Enix has announced a game too early until years later. Dying Light 2 is also a distinct possibility given that Square Enix is now publishing it, and Outriders, a brand new title that was teased a little while back, could also be a highlight. Which games will you be looking out for?

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