E3 2019: Microsoft Officially Announces Next-Gen Xbox And It's Powerful

Carla Harmon
June 10, 2019

Since then, Microsoft has revealed that the service uses hardware similar to that in its existing Xbox One gaming consoles. Microsoft stated that the console is key to its plans for the cloud, which likely means that Project xCloud will be able to be used on Project Scarlett. We know you have many, many unanswered questions and we're excited to share more further down the road. Analysts expect a late 2020 release.

Adam Bankhurst is a news writer for IGN who can't wait to see what secrets Microsoft has in store for us tomorrow. It's not yet clear which Xbox One consoles are supported, what resolution the games will be streamed, or what your home internet connection quality will need to be for all of this to work effectively. Apparently, Scarlett will run a "custom-designed" AMD processor based on Ryzen Zen 2 technology, as well as a Navi-based video card.

Moreover, the console will also feature hardware-accelerated ray tracing. Microsoft claims it is four times faster than the current generation and will include backward compatibility, being playing capable of playing games from every previous generation of Xbox. It's a focus on reducing load time.

Update, May 24, 2019 (7:41 PM ET): Microsoft revealed some more Project XCloud details in a new Xbox blog post. It will also have more storage.

Microsoft said Sunday that the new console will launch alongside the game "Halo Infinite". Subscribe, and you basically get Netflix for games.

The next generation of Sony and Microsoft hardware is just around the corner.

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