Dota Underlords is Valve’s Auto Chess, and the beta is out now

Yolanda Curtis
June 16, 2019

According to the Dota 2 blog post the open beta will begin "after approximately a week of stress testing", which would be June 20.

It seems like everyone is making an Auto Chess game for mobile these days, and now Valve has thrown its name into the hat with Dota Underlords.

The company said it had been running a closed preview beta for the last few weeks, but is now expanding the preview beta to all Dota 2 global 2019 Battle Pass owners today.

The closed beta for Dota Underlords is available to people who have bought a battle pass to The International 2019.

Valve made the decision to release the game in the light of the success of the custom mod from Drodo Studios. After watching an arcade game mode's player base far outstrip the game whose assets it used and relied on, Valve has tossed its own game, Dota Underlords, onto the open market.

The goal of course being to win, players will need to set their sights on employing the best tactics, unlike in Dota 2 where victory is solidified more with how fast you can react to players unleashing a barrage of skills and abilities on you in hopes of counterattacking your opponent.

What started off as a great week for fans of Dota Auto Chess has just turned into an insane week.

At this point, while Auto Chess continues on its way, Dota Underlords will remain the mod linked closely to Dota 2 and focused on this game mechanic. Initially, the beta edition of the game will be available for free. Rank and progression is also shared across all supported devices so you'll be able to play on multiple devices too, if you wish, without having to worry about losing any progress you've made on other platforms.

What you'll be able to do is relatively basic, but it should allow players to gauge the strength of Valve's new game and determine whether it'll be more popular than Artifact.

This feature is not now available as the mobile versions are set to launch with the beginning of open beta.

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