At Least 323 Public Execution Sites Located Around North Korea

Cheryl Sanders
June 11, 2019

He was dead within a matter of hours.

According to the Journal, the person said Kim Jong0nam had traveled to Malaysia in February 2017 to meet his Central Intelligence Agency contact, although that may not have been the sole objective of the trip.

It said the new report is better sourced, based on accounts of direct witnesses or those who heard from direct witnesses and were able to provide geographic information of the sites. The CIA declined to comment on the claim.

Kim Jong Nam was killed by a pair of Southeast Asian women who rubbed on his face two separate ingredients that, together, became a deadly poison.

A Hazmat team conducting checks inside Kuala Lumpur International Airport after the killing of Kim Jong Nam in 2017. He later died on his way to hospital.

The former officials told the Wall Street Journal that Kim Jong Nam had nearly certainly been in contact with security services from other countries, particularly China.

News of the CIA's relationship with Kim Jong-nam comes as nuclear diplomacy between the US and North Korea is at a standstill following a February summit in Hanoi between Mr. Kim Jong-un and US President Donald Trump that ended without an agreement. Fifield says Kim Jong Nam usually met his handlers in Singapore and Malaysia, citing a source with knowledge of the intelligence.

There has been speculation among former USA officials and analysts that outside countries, including China, saw Kim Jong-nam as a possible successor to Kim Jong-un should the latter's rule be in danger.

After Kim Jong-nam's murder, his son Kim Han-sol and other family members were spirited out of Macau by a group of North Korean dissidents known as Cheollima Civil Defense, the group told The Wall Street Journal.

The book says that security camera footage from Kim Jong Nam's last trip to Malaysia showed him in a hotel elevator with an Asian-looking man who was reported to be a USA intelligence agent.

It said Kim's backpack contained A$174,000 in cash, which could have been payment for intelligence-related activities, or earnings from his casino businesses. They had been accused of colluding with four North Koreans who prosecutors said had fled the country the day of the attack.

In 2013, popular North Korean singer Hyon Song-wol was alleged to have been publicly executed, with a South Korean newspaper saying she was shot "in a hail of machine gun fire while her orchestra looked on".

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