Amazon Leaks ‘Destroy All Humans!’ Reboot, Coming to Xbox One, PS4

Yolanda Curtis
June 10, 2019

Fans of other old IPs such as TimeSplitters, which THQ Nordic purchased a year ago, are eagerly awaiting their day in the spotlight.

THQ Nordic has announced Destroy All Humans!, a PS4, Xbox One, and PC remake of the 2005 action-adventure for PlayStation 2 and the original Xbox. Annihilate puny humans using an assortment of alien weaponry and psychic abilities.

The Destroy All Humans! remake was leaked through which put up a listing for the game stating it would have a 2020 release. Together with a Furon called Pox-13, he needs to harvest human DNA and use it to bring down the United States government. The game takes place during the 1950's, so Crypto has the generic alien look and the stereotypical flying saucer, but all of that plays into the hilarity of the series. One giant step on mankind! Unfortunately, you won't find any gameplay to speak of in the trailer for Destroy All Humans!

Use psychokinesis to send enemies flying or bombard them with random objects.

The remake is being developed by Black Forest Games, the team behind the recent Giana Sisters games and everyone's favorite Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back. Taking reference from every stereotype about aliens such as anal probing, abducting cows, and mind control. Let us know on Facebook and Twitter.

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