Sony just laid out everything there is to know about the PS5

Yolanda Curtis
May 24, 2019

The PS4 Pro takes about 8 seconds to load into a game, where the next-gen Sony console takes less than a second to load up the same instance.

As for the mentions of "streaming, cloud, and 5G technologies", that also makes flawless sense for PS5, and especially so in light of recent reports that Sony has formed a partnership with Microsoft on video games streaming. Nowhere in the announcement are Xbox or PlayStation named, but its wording implies Microsoft and Sony's partnership will specifically focus on consumer entertainment platforms like gaming.

Sony has said during a corporate presentation that the keywords for the PlayStation 5 will be "immersive" and "seamless".

It appears to be the same demo that PlayStation hardware architect Mark Cerny revealed back in April, with Sony suggesting then that the SSD in use is 19 times faster than a standard issue one.

Even though the upcoming console will have similarities with the PS4, it will be powered by an all-new CPU and GPU.

Sony also said that it would "pursue its mission to make PlayStation 'The Best Place to Play, by leveraging the latest computing, streaming, cloud, and 5G technologies, together with excellent content".

In the presentation, Sony iterated that it "believes in gamer choice" and that next-gen console will support Blu-ray, download, and streaming. That's great for backwards compatibility, but it doesn't tell us as much about the PS5's capabilities as we'd all like.

God of War has reached a huge milestone as it has now sold over 10 million units since it launched on the PlayStation 4 in April of past year.

It's possible that the aforementioned games will launch on PS4, but receive a PlayStation 5 power boost - similar to what we've seen with Spider-Man. Staff were reportedly caught off-guard by the news and had to be assured the company's next-generation console plans aren't affected.

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