Sony announces super cute new adventure romp Away: The Survival Series

Yolanda Curtis
May 13, 2019

We get to learn a lot more about Sony's plan thanks to the State of Play event.

Inspired by naturalistic documentaries, Away: The Survival Series allows the player to adopt a decidedly peculiar point of view. It's a curious game that puts you in control of a sugar glider trying to navigate through a world full of dangers. The end of the trailer showcases a giant flaming tornado, which is probably one of the most unfortunate situations a sugar glider could be in. Even for those who live in the country, you likely aren't experiencing the same things as wild animals with the threats of predators and other disasters that can threaten their lives.

Having worked on the soundtrack for nature documentaries such as Life and Planet Earth II, the developers partnered with award-winning composer and audio director Mike Raznick to compose Away's orchestral score.

Note that the development team, called Breaking Walls, is made up of veterans all from famous Ubisoft series, such as Assassin's Creed, Prince of Persia and Far Cry.

The trailer for Away, embedded below, showed a menagerie of animals making their way in the world. Also loves books and can be found face first in one all the time. Do games that have a strong nature bent interest you generally?

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