Queen Elizabeth makes rare visit to Sainsbury’s grocery store

Andrew Cummings
May 25, 2019

Britain's Queen Elizabeth arrives to visit a replica of one of the original Sainsbury's stores in London, Britain May 22, 2019.

So when she stopped by Sainsbury's (a large British supermarket chain) in London's Covent Garden on Wednesday, it was quite the thrill.

When store manager Damien Corcoran showed her how they work, the Queen cheekily asked: "You can't cheat then?"

She was shown how shoppers now use the self-service tills and how to pay for your shopping using a mobile phone, she did not try this but did cut the commemorative birthday cake.

The helper smiled before replying: "Well, you can always cheat but with the weighing scales we've got that should prevent certain items from being undetected".

Her Majesty wore the same lime green coat and floral dress she wore at the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's wedding at St George's Chapel at Windsor Castle in May a year ago.

The original store stocked only the basic essentials, specializing in butter and eggs, but Sainsbury's is now a multi-million pound business.

She said: 'As a Sunday treat we had some sweeties, but we were lucky we had a farm'.

One item that caught her eye from 1953 was an empty jar of bloater paste, a fish paste made from herring.

When Ms Bennett showed her a packet of sachets of porridge and explained people liked the sachets, the Queen, who famously has her breakfast served in Tupperware, said: "Porridge?,' telling Ms Bennett: 'Tastes have changed".

The chain's president, Lord John Sainsbury, called her visit "a great compliment". She once went for a walk around the duty free shops at an airport during a short stopover.

As Her Majesty was photographed during her visit, many fans took to Twitter to discuss the outfit.

The Queen and Kate have a very close relationship, and she was there to support the duchess at her big event on Monday.

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