Mayor proclaims May as Mental Health Awareness Month

Henrietta Brewer
May 9, 2019

"We're very good at looking after the treatment components of mental health and mental illness once people get sick", she said.

Mental Health is on the minds of Canadians all week long. They say that anxiety and depression have increased over time.

Police and firefighters, she said, are three times more likely to die by their own hands than on the job, and IN teens experience the highest prevalence of suicide ideation IN the nation with almost 10 percent having a plan.

If you have any signs or symptoms of a mental illness, see your primary care provider or mental health specialist.

It found that more than seven in 10 (72 per cent) would seek - or suggest seeking - help from a mental health professional if they (or a person they are close to) were struggling with their mental health.

"Sometimes people forget to think or focus on that, but if you're not mentally well and not feeling healthy mentally, the impact on your whole life can be pretty significant".

The Cardiff-headquartered specialists will explore how the pressures of running your own business and those in the workplace can contribute to mental health problems.

In all, 42 percent of those who had never had a mental health diagnosis or had never known someone who did were afraid of people with mental disorders. "Mental healthcare in the country is under-resourced and of inadequate quality, and many patients still face isolation and marginalisation as a result of stigma", says Chima.

Almost 4 of 5 respondents agreed that less stigma and shame around mental health disorders would lower suicide rates.

Though a suicide helpline is yet to be created, Dubai is running pilot projects to integrate mental health services in primary healthcare settings.

Dr Nadia Dabbagh, consultant child and adolescent psychiatrist at the Rashid Hospital and programme lead for the Mental Health Strategy at the DHA, said these children would be adults tomorrow and, with such early interventions, they are less likely to use drugs or other substances.

Ryan Sanderson, Exhibition Director for Africa Health Exhibition and Conferences believes that platforms such as Africa Health are important in bringing together policymakers, leaders and other experts in the area of mental health. In its ninth year, the 2019 event is expected to attract more than 10,500 healthcare professionals, with representation from over 160 countries and over 600 leading global and regional healthcare and pharmaceutical suppliers, manufacturers and service providers.

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