Is Vermont Prepared For A Measles Outbreak?

Henrietta Brewer
May 4, 2019

State public health departments across the country are sounding the alarm about measles, warning the public that vaccinations save lives and family who don't vaccinate their children endanger others.

How do I know if I have measles and not just a cold or the flu?

But Merck has not see a significant uptick of purchases from the CDC, which is a large supplier of the pediatric population through its Vaccines for Children program.

"When Jenny McCarthy [TV actress and the prominent face of the anti-vaxx movement] gets on TV and says 'I'll take the measles every time, ' that tells you something important", says Offit. Some people may develop blue-white spots on the insides of their mouths. In that outbreak, an estimated 12,000 people were exposed and four public schools were quarantined, the Tribune said. Most recently, a study published just this month evaluated over 650,000 children over the course of ten years in Denmark and found no increased risk of autism from the MMR vaccine.

Do not go directly to the office, urgent care center or emergency room, as this may expose other persons. While avoiding contact with sick people is useful, infections like measles can also spread through the air. "For the 2017-18 school year, Colorado's vaccination rate for measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) ranked 49th out of the 49 states, with a coverage rate of 88.7 percent for two doses of MMR", said Carlstrom.

But the New York State Health Department is advising doctors in affected areas to inform parents of the option of giving an infant an early dose of the vaccine. One dose is still about 93% effective at preventing the disease.

Chaffee County Director of Public Health Andrea Carlstrom says the outbreaks are a blunt reminder of our state's vulnerability.

When it comes to children, if your baby is not yet old enough to get an MMR vaccine, which protects against measles, they may still be protected. "If you don't fear the disease, you're more likely to fear the vaccine".

Officials said the overall goal is to educate and improve the vaccines we now have.

Measles can come with symptoms that include fever, a rash which normally starts behind the ear, diarrhea, infection, pneumonia (which usually causes death in children under five who are infected), and brain swelling which can occur right away or years later.

When the CDC and other public health authorities are called to investigate possible transmission on aircraft, they try to figure out who may have had contact with the infected person - including people who may have been sitting nearby.

The official definition of an outbreak is "a greater than expected number of cases".

Gittens urged Virgin Islanders to discuss vaccination records with their doctors if they are unsure about their risk of contracting measles. That increase is part of a global trend seen over the past few years as countries, including the US, struggle with declining vaccination rates.

Experts say it doesn't hurt to get the extra vaccine even if you already have immunity-except the literal temporary "hurt" it causes to your arm. Some adults may be unable to find their immunization records.

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