Guardiola named Premier League Manager of the Season

Ross Houston
May 15, 2019

They fell short in the Premier League title race against the champions Manchester City.

The governing body have been investigating City over the past few of months following a number of damaging leaks which revealed alleged rule-breaking from the club, with members of the investigatory chamber of UEFA's financial control board set to finalise their conclusions soon.

Their statement, published by the Daily Mail, said: "Manchester City FC is fully cooperating in good faith with the CFCB IC's ongoing investigation". "In doing so the Club is reliant on both the CFCB IC's independence and commitment to due process; and on UEFA's commitment of the 7th of March that it "....will make no further comment on the matter while the investigation is ongoing".

And, if a recent report by the 'New York Times' is to be believed, Pep Guardiola's side may have to wait yet another season to taste victory on Europe's biggest stage. "The accusation of financial irregularities are entirely false, and comprehensive proof of this fact has been provided to the CFCB IC".

City were successful in their pursuit of a second successive Premier League title on Sunday, beating Brighton and Hove Albion 4-1 to finish one point ahead of second-placed Liverpool, who defeated Wolverhampton Wanderers 2-0 at Anfield.

The latest online version of the New York Times article does not contain any reference to "people familiar with the case".

City were punished for violating FFP rules in 2014 and operated with a spending cap and a reduced squad size for the 2014-15 UEFA season.

Manchester City have been criticised over a video that appears to show players and staff joining in a song that celebrates Liverpool fans being "battered in the street". The Champions League is a major revenue stream for City and many other clubs, and losing that for an entire season could be costly for their future ventures.

However, they add: "It is unclear if UEFA would instead give City's spot to another domestic competition".

However, it looks unlikely that it will apply to next season's competition as City could appeal and even take their case to the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

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