ESports Star Tfue Sues "FaZe Clan" For Restricting His Earning Potential

Yolanda Curtis
May 24, 2019

Whatever the outcomes of the lawsuit and petition against FaZe Clan, they will likely set a precedent for future cases involving esports organization.

Pr Fortnite player Turner Tenney, aka Tfue.

Specialising in the massively popular Battle Royale game Fortnite, Tenney's consistently high rankings in competitive matches and tournaments have earned him legions of followers the world over.

In a statement to The Hollywood Reporter, Freedman said, "Tfue and my law firm are sending a message".

Not only did Tfue file a lawsuit against FaZe Clan, but Freedman took the case before the California Labor Commissioner for FaZe Clan's alleged violation of the Talent Agency Act (TAA).

Faze also allegedly pressured Tenney and others into performing "dangerous stunts" for videos: He claims he was hit by a auto while skateboarding for one video, and suffered "permanent disfigurement" after injuring his arm during another. Tenney also claims that Faze Clan signed on an 11-year-old gamer and pressured the minor and his family to lie about his age. The suit has certainly sparked much debate in the gaming community.

Ali "Myth" Kabbani, another streamer, Tweeted:"I genuinely feel so bad for [Tenney]".

Perhaps the most interesting claim made by Tfue is that the Gamer Agreement is invalid based on FaZe Clan's violation of California's Talent Agency Act.

The case could be a landmark one, the first of its kind in a fledgling industry that's still finding its feet.

Tfue's lawyers are arguing that companies employing gamers should have to follow the same set of rules as TV and film stars.

Tfue's attorney Bryan Freedman of Freedman + Taitelman wrote in the complaint, "In no uncertain terms, these gamers are artists, entertainers and content creators - they perform, they act, they direct, they edit and they stream".

In exchange for their services, these organisations get a cut of any earnings their clients make.

Tenney and Freedman hope this will bring attention to streamers and content creators being taken advantage of, and the lawsuit will be a "wake-up call" that such contracts and behaviors won't be tolerated going forward. Over the course of our partnership with him, which began in April 2018, FaZe Clan has collected: $0 - Tournament Winnings, $0 - Twitch Revenue, $0 - YouTube Revenue, $0 - from any social platform.

"We're shocked and disappointed to see the news of Tfue's press article and lawsuit". Banks also claims that they only ever earned a total of $60,000 from Tfue despite him being worth millions. Tenney's own contract allegedly entitles FaZe Clan to a finder's fee of up to 80% of the revenue he earns through third parties.

Tfue says FaZe has collected payments on his behalf from companies that were never distributed to him, and he says the team is also costing him work by rejecting business opportunities that may be a conflict of interest for them.

"We're proud of what we've accomplished together of the past year with Turner and will continue to support him".

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