Emilia Clarke was scared Beyoncé would hate Daenerys’ Game of Thrones ending

Carla Harmon
May 22, 2019

Well he's allegedly back to writing The Winds of Winter (the second to last A Song of Ice and Fire book), and will not give us a window on when that'll be done. "But you're talking to somebody who's been living in this character for ten years, so I'm, like, 'What other story is there to tell?' I know that there's lots of people saying that they wish that the episodes were longer, and that they wish there were more of this season, which I totally respect". I stayed away from social media and was very careful before I opened any messages, especially Whatsapp.

Martin added, "Book or show, which will be the "real" ending? I won't say when, I've tried that before, only to burn you all and jinx myself. but I will finish it, and then will come A Dream of Spring".

"The thing about "Game of Thrones" that's always been wonderful is the fact that there's always been insane twists and turns, right from Season 1 with Ned's beheading". The show's creators, David Benioff and D.B Weiss, had to chart their own course in the final two seasons, though they have repeatedly said that Martin had revealed key plot points to them. As a result, the series incorporated his so-called "holy sh-" moments, like the Shireen Baratheon barbecue scene, the heartbreaking reveal of Hodor's history, and one unspecified revelation from the finale.

Beyoncé's adoration meant so much to Clarke, in fact, that it anxious her that the singer would have to see Daenerys eventually turn towards tyranny and darkness in the show's final season.

Calling Sunday night's series finale "an ending, but ... also a beginning", Martin insisted, "I suspect that you have not seen the last of Westeros on your television sets".

Martin said he is working "in a very different medium" than the show: "They had six hours for this final season. And yes, there will be unicorns... of a sort..." he wrote.

Among the comments, one fan wrote: "It's not just there, I actually found the second water bottle next to Ser Davos. And no." He says he'll write it, people can read it and then everyone can "argue about it on the internet".

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