Detective Pikachu earns $58 million domestic for opening weekend, Certified Fresh

Carla Harmon
May 14, 2019

Despite the fact that Avengers: Infinity War only dropped 45% in its third week last spring/summer, Endgame did surpass the $700 million milestone this weekend for a domestic total of $723.5 million.

Taking overseas sales into account, we're looking at a $170.4 million opening for the movie, covering the film's base budget.

The stunning conclusion to Marvel Studios' 10-year Infinity Saga snagged the No. 1 spot at the domestic box office once again with an added $63.1 million. It's still the second-biggest film ever globally with $2.48 billion, pacing behind just Avatar with $2.78 billion. But it's now within touching distance of usurping James Cameron's Avatar's crown as the highest grossing film of all time.

Detective Pikachu - our furry son, who we love - has had a strong opening weekend at the box office.

Super Mario Bros and Doom are two of the more high-profile misfires, but even recent titles like Alicia Vikander's Tomb Raider remake and Dwayne Johnson's Rampage were not popular among video game enthusiasts.

Detective Pikachu has just broken a very important record in movie industry. It worked because of the lighthearted nature of the film. This puts Detective Pikachu's debut $11 million over the previous record holder of best opening weekend for a video game adaptation movie which was Lara Croft Tomb Raider with $47.7 million in its 2001 opening. Sitting at 64% critic score and 85% audience score, Detective Pikachu has managed to appeal to the majority of viewers: from first time Pokemon movie goers to franchise veterans. SYFY WIRE actually fan casted all 151 original Pocket Monsters; that list can be found here.

While numbers could fluctuate after final tallies come in Monday, estimates on Sunday show Warner Bros. and Legendary's "Detective Pikachu" earned $103 million from 62 foreign markets. The movie's global total for its debut weekend stands at $161 million (that includes North American sales). Top territories include Russian Federation with $2.4 million, Germany with $1.8 million, and Australia with $1.8 million.

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