Burger King Launches 'Real Meals,' For Mental Health Awareness

Henrietta Brewer
May 3, 2019

Burger King is launching the Real Meals in partnership with Mental Health America, a community-based nonprofit that addresses that needs of people living with mental illness, and promotes mental health for all Americans.

The Impossible Whopper made its soft debut at 59 different Burger King restaurants, with the intention that if the tests went well, a national launch would be on the horizon.

Less than a month later, Burger King says the pilot project has shown "encouraging results" and that the meatless patty is ready to become a permanent menu item.

Additionally, the company noted the new burger option is not stealing sales from its core offerings.

Burger King is rolling out what appears to be an alternative to happy meals.

On April 1, Burger King even played a prank on its customers by having them bite into a meatless burger to see if they could tell the difference (they couldn't), filming the surprised, often humorous reactions. The companies will partner to expand the Impossible Whopper to some 7,300 U.S. Burger King locations, more than doubling Impossible's current restaurant reach, reported CNN (April 29). The product is created to give the customers another option if they want to eat a burger every day, but not eat beef or any kind of meat.

Every Real Meal is basically some type of Whopper combo meal (which the guest chooses) and, unlike Happy Meals, these are not being targeted at young kids. To do this, Burger King partnered with Impossible Foods, a relatively new fake meat start-up.

Burger King is being purported as the largest chain to go down the plant-based route, but it's not almost the first. Compared to the beef industry, the environmental footprint of plant-based foods is comparably lower. The California-based company is the maker of the Impossible Burger. For what it is worth, Lee remains confident Impossible Foods will be able to keep up, and that is is "not sparing any expense" to meet demand.

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