Blizzard's 'World of Warcraft Classic' servers go live on August 26

Yolanda Curtis
May 16, 2019

The Classic version reverts the game to how it was when the "Drums of War" update (patch 1.12) was released in August 2006, except it keeps numerous contemporary bells and whistles the current MMO benefits from. "Included for all subscribers at no additional cost, World of Warcraft Classic gives players the opportunity to reexperience together the moments that came to define early WoW, like 40-player raids on Molten Core; days-long PvP battles at Tarren Mill; and the grand, server-wide effort to open the gates of Ahn'Qiraj".

As we've heard in the past, part of the idea of WoW Classic is to make things tougher, just as it was back in the day, with the broader aim of fostering greater levels of social interaction to deal with those challenges.

Even though WoW Classic is slated to release in August, fans can jump into the beta test starting on May 15.

From tomorrow, WoW players will start being invited by Blizzard to join the small-scale testing phase of the game. Meanwhile, players who want to participate in a later trio of stress tests, taking place this May, June, and July, can opt in by flipping a toggle in their official Blizzard accounts.

Here's how, when, and where users can opt into participation for the upcoming World of Warcraft Classic closed beta tests. Giving players the chance to return to the game as it was around the time of its launch, WoW Classic is set to launch worldwide on August 27. There's also a $100 15th Anniversary Collector's Edition of the game coming in October that will include in-game mount bonuses, a 10-inch Ragnaros statue, a pin, a mousepad and art prints. Participants will also need to have an active subscription or active game time on their Account.

While the server will not be live until the end of August, players will be able to create their characters ahead of time on Tuesday, Aug. 13.

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