Big Block DLC announced for Tetris 99

Yolanda Curtis
May 13, 2019

The Big Block DLC is a season pass, available now on the Nintendo Switch eShop.

If you bought into "Tetris 99" but were disappointed by the lack of anything but a fiery battle royale mode, you're in luck.

Tetris 99 is getting paid DLC for offline play. Meanwhile, Marathon mode is a solo game closer to the original Game Boy version.

As noted above, the CPU Battle and Marathon modes are played entirely offline.

Now that my brain has stopped doing olympic gymnastic routines, the Big Block DLC strikes me as a smart way to expand Tetris 99 without splitting the online playerbase into multiple modes. Today a New DLC pack is now available, titled the Big Block DLC, that adds features many of you out there might find interesting!

A new DLC expansion for Tetris 99 was recently announced, along with plans for a third Maximus Cup event.

Do you have an active subscription to Nintendo Switch Online?

With the inclusion of offline modes, the Big Block DLC also gives gamers the ability to practice their Tetris 99 skills against CPU rather than real opponents.

From May 17th, users can also take part in a Maximus Cup event.

The #Tetris99 3rd MAXIMUS CUP is set for 5/17, 12 AM PT - 5/19, 11:59 PM PT!

Players who place higher spots at the end of each match earn more points. While the base game is free, you'll need a Nintendo Online subscription in order to play it as standard play is multiplayer-only.

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