Watch SpaceX's first-ever test fire of the Starhopper's engine

Pablo Tucker
April 7, 2019

Raptor was recently attached to the Starhopper's bottom part for testing it out.

According to, Starhopper is a suborbital prototype created to test the concepts and technologies SpaceX will need to build its new 100-person spacecraft, called Starship, and its massive booster, the Super Heavy.

These flights will enable the company to test out its new powerful Raptor engine.

"Starhopper completed tethered hop".

The Starship could be used to send people to Mars and the Moon in the future, due to the USA and other nations emphasizing the importance of space exploration. "SpaceX made a decision to skip building a new nosecone for Hopper". During the test, the vehicle's solitary raptor engine was sacked for approximately three seconds. He posted a two-second video after the second test April 6, showing the engine igniting and the vehicle, largely obscured by the plume from the engine, appearing to rise off the pad slight.

In February 2019, Raptor's full-scale version was sacked up for the first time. This will help the Starship's test version to fly in the atmosphere but at low altitudes until it gradually returns back to the ground.

Without making much fuss about it, SpaceX performed the test at the Boca Chica facility in Texas. That first hop just took place at Boca Chica, Texas and the Starhopper survived to tell the tale, opening the door for future ground hops before the big suborbital one.

The engine that will go into the ship, the Raptor, is homegrown by SpaceX.

Prior to Starship's maiden voyage to space in a few years, the company plans to first carry out several hover flights with the Starhopper. SpaceX has not disclosed the exact number of hop tests it will do. To achieve these ambitions SpaceX has built a fleet of fully-reusable rockets - the latest of which has been named Starship by Elon Musk.

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