Socialist Sanders' tax returns show millionaire status

Cheryl Sanders
April 17, 2019

"When Baier polled the audience at the town hall - which was clearly supportive of Sanders throughout - most indicated they would support Sanders' health care plan, despite now having private insurance they would lose", Fox notes.

Pressed by anchors Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum as to why he was holding onto his wealth rather than refusing deductions or writing a check to the Treasury Department, Sanders began laughing dismissively and, in an apparent non sequitur, asked why MacCallum didn't donate her salary. At a campaign stop in Gary, Indiana, a reporter asked Sanders whether his millionaire status was at odds with his populist economic message. With her increased appearances on the right-leaning network in the past month, however, it does make one wonder how the president, who is said to watch Fox News daily, is just now taking notice of Brazile. Still, even considering the temporal quality of anything and everything at this point in the cycle, Bernie Sanders woke up Monday morning and had himself a day.

In a letter provided to CNN by his campaign, Sanders addressed the board of the Center for American Progress and CAP Action Fund on Saturday, alleging that its activities are playing a "destructive role" in the "critical mission to defeat Donald Trump". Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., speaks during a rally on April 06, 2019, in Fairfield, Iowa.

All Aboard the Obama Nostalgia Train

"It was a bestseller, it sold all over the world, and we made money".

Amid mounting pressure to publicize his tax returns, Sanders said he'd release them by the annual tax filing deadline as a number of his rivals steadily publicize their own tax documents.

The returns show that the couple earned almost $2.8 million in the three years since Sanders' first presidential campaign catapulted him to national political prominence.

The effective rates and income both represent substantial increases from 2014, which was the previous year of tax returns publicly released by the candidate, when he earned $205,617 and paid a 13.4% effective rate.

The Sanders campaign said those rates do not reflect charitable proceeds given from one of his books, which he did not deduct from his taxes.

Taxes paid: $697,611, or 37%.

Mr Trump broke from decades of presidential tradition by refusing to show voters his tax returns during his 2016 presidential campaign. So far he has been (as usual) a little prickly about his money, saying "I didn't know it was a crime to write a good book". Sanders recently revealed that his income from book sales in the aftermath of that race had made him a millionaire. Harris released 15 years of tax returns over the weekend.

"Democratic socialism to me is creating a government and an economy and a society that works for all rather than the top 1 percent", he said.

Challenged Trump to release his tax returns.

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