President Trump promotes tax cuts, eyes 2020 in Burnsville visit

Andrew Cummings
April 16, 2019

Monday is the day tax filings for 2018 are due to the federal government.

If for any reason you can't get them filed by the deadline there are a few options offered.

"Losing? People who thought that getting a tax cut would mean a bigger tax refund", Romans explained.

Tax payer's can also apply to settle for a smaller amount or request a temporary delay in payment from the IRS.

More evidence came from a report by tax preparer H&R Block on Thursday that said Americans were undergoing a "confusing tax experience" this season. "I would say Americans approve of a prosperous economy" that has been rebuilt by Trump's policies. One poll found that just one-fifth of taxpayers were certain their taxes went down.

CNN's chief business correspondent Christine Romans kicked off Tax Day 2019 by explaining the effects of President Donald Trump's tax cuts - and it looks like most Americans are benefitting.

Ahead of the president's trip, top White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow defended the popularity of the Republican tax cuts and the prosperity of the economy. While the average filer was better off, it said, they weren't seeing it in their refunds, "which many people think of as their "bottom line'". But so far, the tax cuts haven't delivered a major shot of financial adrenaline to most families.

Trump has refused to make his tax returns public. It's a state he narrowly lost to Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Minnesota, which gave the country Vice Presidents Hubert Humphrey and Walter Mondale, both Democrats, hasn't given its 10 electoral votes to a Republican since Richard Nixon in 1972.

Political analyst Blois Olsen says Trump is focused on Minnesota because he loves to win, and this is a state he nearly won. Speaking of the scene outside the warehouse, he added: "I see American flags waving all over and it's lovely".

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