Practice zing - Drive by Z. Johnson doesn't count

Ross Houston
April 15, 2019

Zach Johnson accidentally hit his ball at the 13th tee at the Masters on Friday in a hilarious scene.

The key reason that Johnson's mishit didn't count as a stroke comes down to two things - the contact was unintentional, and the ball was not yet in play.

Former champion Zach Johnson has been involved in a freaky incident during the second round of the Masters, accidentally hitting his ball while taking a practice swing.

Ultimately, Johnson did not need to take a penalty stroke because he had not meant to hit the ball and it was not yet in play. His drive didn't make it out of the tee box after it appeared to ricochet off the marker.

Johnson said after the round when told video of the swing existed.

As he prepared to hit his tee shot at the dogleg par 5, Johnson did his usual pre-shot routine where his driver gets a little too close to the ball, at least that's how it seems to us mere mortals.

"Okay, there's a first for everything there boys", Johnson said, relieved. So Johnson re-teed and found the fairway.

You guessed it, four shots and 510 yards later, Johnson sunk a birdie putt to take him to within one of level par.

Johnson, whose round of 73 left him 3 over for the tournament, said he knew there wasn't a penalty involved because "it all comes down to intent". "I don't think I could do it again if I tried".

Kevin Kisner, who was playing in the group in front of Johnson, said he'd never done it in a competitive round.

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