Nexus 6P Class Action Lawsuit Give Users $400

Yolanda Curtis
April 14, 2019

2015's Nexus 6P, for instance, was praised in our initial review for its premium build quality, silky smooth user experience, blazing fast performance, versatile camera, excellent sound, and speedy charging technology. The last thing that we want to mention is that the only Nexus 6P users who can benefit from this settlement are those who live in the US.

In the Janurary 2018, LG's number of devices including G4, V10, V20, Nexus G5 and Nexus 5X have received the same class action lawsuit by the consumers.

Often, the largest chunk of a class-action lawsuit payout goes to the lawyers, with affected customers maybe earning some dinner money at best. Those not only include the possibility of the court ordering the two companies to cough up more than 10 million bucks, but also the near certainty of continued exposure to bad publicity. That's because Google and Huawei have agreed to settle a class action lawsuit that would pay Nexus 6P device owners up to $400, should the settlement be approved by a court. That's merely a formality, though, which will be followed by the publication of a dedicated website where you'll be able to make a claim. The first alleges that a battery issue would cause the Nexus 6P to power down when the battery gauge still showed anywhere from 10-60 percent of battery life remaining.

Google did offer Pixel XL as a replacement for the faulty Nexus 6P smartphones. Furthermore, since the proposed settlement is yet to receive approval from the court, the drafted process may get tweaked at the time of its public announcement. This means if you're anywhere outside the USA but faced the bootloop or battery drain issue on your Nexus 6P, you wouldn't be able to receive any compensation.

The proposal now states that those who are eligible for the settlement could be paid up to $400 for their faulty device, while those who received a Pixel XL in a prior warranty exchange program would only be eligible for up to $10. By submitting both the proofs you can avail $400 settlement. The filed form further explains that "Subject to adjustment depending on how many claims of various kinds were made, people who experienced alleged boot loop and submit documentation of the issue will receive up to $325, people who experienced alleged battery drain and submit documentation of the issue will receive up [to] $150, and people who experienced alleged issues on multiple Nexus 6P's and submit documentation of the issues will receive up to $400".

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