NASA Highlights Science on Next Northrop Grumman Mission to Space Station

Henrietta Brewer
April 6, 2019

The only three other members of space super league are the United States, Russia and China. "An orbit of around 300 km was chosen for the test for capability demonstration, and the objective was to avoid threat of debris to any global space assets", Reddy said, reports PTI.

He further stated that attack on satellites in outer space will have negative consequences for investments in space and India is just an addition to the list of countries, which are responsible for it. Additionally, and perhaps more importantly, the test raised concerns about the outer-space security environment and the debris that will be left after the test.

"We will continue to closely monitor the remaining debris from India's ASAT test to ensure the safety of assets on-orbit and human spaceflight activities such as the International Space Station", said Garrett Marquis, a National Security Council spokesman. Precedent, however, suggests it could take much longer than that; in 2008, the United States destroyed a defunct satellite at an altitude of 250 kilometres (150 miles), and it took about 18 months for all the material to fall back to Earth, according to SpaceflightNow. A US based satellite imaging company called Planet issued a statement; "Space should be used for peaceful purposes, and destroying satellites on orbit severely threatens the long term stability of the space environment for all space operators". This test was conducted in an attempt to boost India's defence in space.

However, these satellites are vulnerable - high-power lasers and jammers can make satellites dysfunctional. G Satheesh Reddy, the head of the Defence Research and Development Organisation told Reuters that "The debris is moving right now".

The danger from "space junk" is not that it falls to Earth but that it collides with orbiting satellites. As per the simulation, the entire debris will decay in 45 days. According to them, space should not be used for military purposes as it goes against the stability of the space environment in the long run.

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