More than 100 people arrested in London climate change protests

Cheryl Sanders
April 16, 2019

Last November, Extinction Rebellion forced Westminster, Lambeth, Waterloo, Blackfriars and Southwark Bridges in London to close, issuing a statement that read, "Extinction Rebellion demands that the United Kingdom government immediately tells the truth and declares a climate and ecological emergency, that it reverses inconsistent policies and reduces to net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2025, and creates a citizen's assembly to oversee these changes".

Hundreds of protesters had also blocked Waterloo Bridge, which was closed in both directions, with campaign group Extinction Rebellion declaring on their Twitter page: "We have taken Waterloo Bridge!" So far the police appear to be tolerating it, but the organisers say this is far from a one-day event.

A huge climate change demonstration has got underway in London with protesters blocking roads and causing "criminal damage" in a deliberate attempt to get arrested.

Police said that as of 6am there had been 113 arrests in total in connection with the demonstrations.

"Suddenly, what Extinction Rebellion has done is actually say: 'we are doing this.' And the state is so weak through austerity that they can't stop us". "You can't just put a load of trees on Waterloo Bridge!"

Speaking at a meditation on the eve of the protests, Dr Williams said humans had declared war on nature.

"We wish to make peace with ourselves by making peace with our neighbour Earth and with our God", he said. "We have to go on to a war footing".

The group wrote to the Theresa May on Monday outlining their demands and asking for talks.

These are central London landmarks protesters are targeting as part of efforts to demand the Government declares a climate emergency.

"They will be blocking five of the city's busiest and most iconic locations in a non-violent, peaceful act of rebellion where they invite people to join them for several days of creative, artist-led resistance".

But later on Monday the Met issued an order under section 14 of the Public Order Act, which allows conditions to be imposed on public processions and assemblies. "Obviously, sitting down on Waterloo Bridge is a serious disruption to the community", he said. Police arrested 85 people that day.

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