MacOS 10.15 Will Include Standalone Music, Podcasts, Books, and TV Marzipan Apps

Yolanda Curtis
April 14, 2019

It looks as if Apple's most hated app is finally being sidelined.

New apps like Apple Music, Podcasts, and Apple TV are coming to Apple computers with the next big macOS update this Spring. More importantly, Apple intends to have the new apps ready and prepped for the next version of its macOS, version 10.15.

One could assume that, like the existing Books Store, Apple would also break out the existing music, TV and movie, and podcast portions of the iTunes store into the respective apps as well, although details on the individual apps are still somewhat slim. In fact, the episode links use a URL instead of, which is further proof of the iTunes rumors.

Apple's venerable iTunes media management application's days appear to be numbered following reports that the company plans to spit the program into three separate apps. As it stands now, Apple houses an insane amount of content under the iTunes umbrella and, as a result, actually using the app to find and enjoy content has become downright cumbersome, if not confusing. Judging exclusively by the design, the leaked Podcasts and Apple TV icons match the iOS ones but offer a more rounded approach.

iTunes as we know it could be on the way out. And people who are into Apple Podcasts are appreciating the change that has come with the new web interface. There will be a major redesign on the Books app, in which it is said to slightly resemble the Apple News app as it will have a sidebar and a narrower title bar for its different tabs. Have you tried them on your Mac?

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