Horizon Zero Dawn Actress Confirms Sequel is in the Works

Yolanda Curtis
April 14, 2019

Most well known for her role as the protagonist in Star Wars: Battlefront 2, Gavankar also voiced Tatai in Horizon Zero Dawn's Frozen Wild's DLC, so it's likely she may be reprising that role in the sequel.

"It's incredible, wait 'til you see the sequel".

There has been no official word from Sony Interactive Entertainment or even Guerrilla Games which Horizon: Zero Dawn 2 is in evolution. how powerful the IP was for this creation, it looks that the show will probably return next-generation on the PS5.

"It is unbelievable, wait till you find the sequel".

Her role in Horizon Zero Dawn was pretty minor. I know some secrets! - you are gonna die", said Gavankar following the cosplayer disclosed she had been the person who got her to enjoying Horizon: "Zero Dawn. For the moment, however, no announcements had arrived yet except for a few rumors about Horizon Zero Dawn 2 on PS5.

Fan: "Thank you for introducing me to Horizon Zero Dawn because otherwise I never would have played that game". But it begs the question: what secrets could she be talking about? The game was already highly-rated and one of the best games recently released on the PlayStation for a new series- ever.

For now, all we know about this sequel is that it exists in some stage, so questions still remain on when the game will come out, and what it will come out on.

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