Google Docs Gains Native Office App File Formats

Yolanda Curtis
April 14, 2019

The update was announced at Google Cloud Next '19 in San Francisco and it also includes support for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents older than Office 2007, only that files would be saved in a newer format after editing them.

This was confirmed by the search engine giant itself this Wednesday. Now, if a client sends over a.docx file and you share it with the team, all the same real-time collaboration and editing goodness you get with a Google Doc will be at your fingertips without the need to convert your Microsoft Office documents.

That pain has now been lifted, albeit partly. However, it was confirmed to The Verge that the support will be coming to the free version as well - probably sooner than one might expect (during April, apparently).

Now that's changes as Docs now supports the most common file formats users for Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents.

Google has now announced a plethora of updates for its Hangouts and wider cloud services geared toward improving life for its education sector cloud customers.

The companies announced their partnership a year ago and Business users of Dropbox were anticipating the launch for some time now. This feature, however, is now only in beta.

The third change rolling out immediately for G Suite for Education customers is the ability to add audio files directly to a slideshow from Google Drive, making it easier for educators to prepare presentations in advance.

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