Facebook to reintegrate 'Messenger' in its app

Yolanda Curtis
April 14, 2019

You may remember that Facebook spurned off Messenger way back in 2011 where it was originally called Facebook Chat.

He added that "tens of millions" of Android users who use Messenger as their default app would benefit from having end-to-end encryption enabled as a default.

When Facebook moved Messenger out of the main Facebook app, lots fumed. It's totally possible Facebook will start small and then eventually bring over all the functions of Messenger, but we don't know yet.

Is Messenger Returning To The Facebook App? The giant had separated the Messenger app from Facebook which upset millions of users. Researcher Jane Manchun Wong was the first one to spot the new feature under the testing phase. Wong still has to use the Messenger app to send photos, react to messages or make calls. If Facebook unites the three apps, each platform would have the end-to-end encryption that WhatsApp now has, which "protects messages from being viewed by anyone except the participants in a conversation", according to the Times. The end result is so that users might use only one of Facebook's properties to communicate with others within the same ecosystem.

The decision to return to integrating the chat in the main app would prevent users from wasting space and resources for an additional app, a choice that would be highly appreciated in developing countries, where smartphones with little internal memory are still the most popular. It hasn't yet been confirmed by Facebook, however, and it's unclear when the change might take place. The interface seems to resemble the redesign Messenger received back in May 2018, which only became widely available earlier this year. The feature was previously removed back in 2014.

Now, Facebook appears to be experiencing something of the sort.

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