Avengers: Endgame’s Final Battle Was Almost Much Longer

Carla Harmon
April 30, 2019

The whole cast of the film can't stop thanking the Marvel fans around the globe for making the final film of Infinity Saga unforgettable and successful.

Pratt is heard saying, "This is a really illegal video", as he pans to Chris Evans who jokingly replies, "Big trouble!"

Planning to watch any movie in the theatres?

"Nobody was allowed to film anything on their phones".

"We are so blessed", he concluded the post.

This image released by Disney shows, from left, Jeremy Renner, Don Cheadle, Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Karen Gillan, the character Rocket, voiced by Bradley Cooper, Paul Rudd and Scarlett Johansson in a scene from "Avengers: Endgame". It appears that Pratt shot the video secretly-sort of.

"This is awesome. (I may or may not have stolen a few cool videos too)", the Captain America actor tweeted.

The movie had been forecast to open between $260 million and $300 million in USA and Canadian theaters, but moviegoers turned out in such droves that Endgame Flew past the previous record of $257.7 million, set a year ago by Avengers: Infinity War when it narrowly surpassed Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

IMAX Corp. shares actually fell by 23 cents even though the $91.5 million in worldwide gross "Endgame" generated for IMAX blew past the previous record set by "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" - by 92%. And in its final third, the Avengers: Infinity War sequel did just that, delivering a massive all-star melee that kept finding new ways to leave the average MCU fan squeeing in their seat. And how good it is.

It's a stunning line-up - which Pratt acknowledges in the caption - and one which would have been massively spoilerific had Pratt, say, lost his phone between filming it and the film's release last weekend. I've spoken to at least one person that was unable to get tickets this past weekend and according to Comscore's PostTrak survey, almost 30 percent of those who already saw the film in North America expressed a desire to see it in theaters again.

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