Adding separate tribute sections: Facebook enhances memorialized user accounts

Yolanda Curtis
April 12, 2019

FB is only allowing friends and family members to request to have an account memorialized.

"These changes are the result of feedback we heard from people of different religions and cultural backgrounds as well as experts and academics".

Artificial intelligence will be used to stop the profiles of deceased friends and family appearing in places that "might cause distress", including as a recommendation to be invited to an event or through birthday reminders.

According to Facebook, over 30 million people visit memorialised accounts every month to reminisce about the person or post milestones or stories of their lives.

Facebook is trying to improve the ways people can remember loved ones on its platform.

Facebook is launching a new "Tributes" section, creating a separate tab on memorialized profiles where friends and family may share posts. As of today, these individuals can moderate the posts shared to the Tributes section by being able to edit the tagging settings, remove tags, and decide who can post and who can see the posts.

Memorialised accounts are meant to serve as venues for friends and family to share memories and thoughts of those who have passed away, and are secured to prevent anyone from logging in, according to Facebook. We're working to get better and faster at this.

It's hard to cope with the loss of a loved one, and it's harder when their profile pops up on Facebook as a suggestion, as if they were still alive.

Facebook says it will now start offering more control to the legacy contact.

This would still be the case with the new feature, but will give legacy contacts more control over what shows up on the profile after a person's death. "We're grateful to them for helping us understand how we can build more tools to help people find comfort in times of grief", said Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg in the blog post.

While minors can't select legacy contacts, Facebook has recently changed their policies to let parents who have lost children under 18 to request to become their legacy contact.

Memorialisation of accounts allows for treasured images, videos and posts to be kept online, as well as providing a focal point for grieving friends and relatives to share memories.

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