Unvaccinated children banned from school

Henrietta Brewer
March 14, 2019

Italian parents have been told to keep their kids home from school unless they are able to prove they have been properly vaccinated - or risk having to open up their wallet.

The fresh law took place amid an increase in measles cases, however, Italian officials declared that vaccination levels have been better since it was offered.

Under the country's so-called Lorenzin law - named after the former health minister who introduced it - children will now be required to receive a range of immunizations in order to attend school. "Now, children who are not vaccinated will endanger other children at school who are too small for vaccines or can not be vaccinated because they suffer from immunosuppressive diseases".

Children under six can be turned away while any attending school between the age of 6 and 16 will result in their parents being fined 500 euros ($564 dollars).

The deadline for certification of vaccinations was March 10, but because it fell on a weekend it was extended to Monday. Health Minister Giulia Grillo in a stamen said, "Everyone has had time to catch up". The BBC added that Italian media reported regional authorities are "handling the situation in a number of different ways", with no notices of suspension reported in some areas and grace periods allowed in others.

Cracking down on parents unable to produce the documents, Bologna, the largest city of the Emilia-Romagna Region in Northern Italy, barred more than 300 children failing to present immunization records, from attending school.

That includes babies too young to be vaccinated themselves, or those with medical conditions such as a compromised immune system.

In British Columbia, which is now experiencing a small measles outbreak, parents started a petition calling for mandatory vaccinations to attend school.

The outbreak prompted the government to formulate tough laws. When the current coalition came to power, it said it would drop mandatory immunisations although it later reversed its position.

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