Tucker Carlson abandons plan for studio near ME home

Carla Harmon
March 15, 2019

Carlson was going to buy the garage for $30,000 and then Fox was going to stock it with the necessary equipment. WaPo, however, claimed Carlson believes he is the victim of the young woman who found the tapes and sought to compare Carlson's relative influence to her.

It's "part of the Roger Ailes, Fox News brand that you never apologize", McLaughlin said.

The comments were made on a radio program called "Bubba the Love Sponge Show" between 2006 and 2011. Oddly enough, in 2016, Carlson said that the KKK and Nazi Party don't really even exist anyway. He goes on to muse about marriage, asking "don't you think-I mean, if you had a wife that dumb would it be good or bad?"

The answer from the show's co-hosts was a resounding "good". Media Matters probably ought to issue a press release about this.

In a monologue Monday, he added that his network stood resolutely behind him.

In the clips, Carlson makes sexist remarks and inappropriate comments about underage girls ー he even defends Warren Jeffs, the former leader of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, who was sentenced to life in prison on two felony counts of child sexual assault.

BRYANT POND, Maine (AP) - Fox News host Tucker Carlson said he's scuttling plans for a TV studio near his vacation home in rural Maine because of publicity.

"All right, I got to give you a compliment", Hannity said, addressing Carlson. "As a testament to that, this is literally all they have and all that they have had for all these years... the only that they ever highlight are those posts which were specifically written with the intent of underscoring just how gross and frightful right-wing blowhards are". NerdWallet Inc., the personal finance company, said it hasn't advertised on Carlson's show since the end of past year. "It's pointless to try to explain how the words were spoken in jest, or taken out of context, or in any case bear no resemblance to what you actually think, or would want for the country". The host said on his show Monday that Fox was backing him and he wouldn't "bow to the mob".

Tucker Carlson does not seem to be having his best week ever.

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